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Knee joint aspiration

Knee joint aspiration

Puncture of the large joints can be performed either diagnostically or therapeutically. Synovial fluid aspiration is medically refered to as arthrocentesis. The diagnostic puncture allows us to obtain joint fluid for laboratory examination which can than be investigated by the biochemical and microbiological methods. Therapeutic puncture can also be helpful in relieving joint swelling and pain by aspiration of the content and then ables antiinflamatory medication to be injected into the joint. Removal of joint fluid that is inflammed can also remove white blood cells, that are sources of enzymes, that can be destructive to the joint.

author: Valér Džupa | discipline: Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedics | published on: 8.11.2014 | last modified on: 10.11.2014 | Creative Commons License